ScanYakima Streaming Two Separate Scanner Feeds - one for "City" and one for "County"   More info.
Listen to live police and fire radio receivers located in Yakima. WA .
ScanYakima - Local Pacific Time
"City Feed" Yakima City Police and Fire in  stereo
"County Feed" Yakima County Sheriff and Fire in  stereo
Left side:  Yakima City Police "Channel One" 156.015 and
"Channel Two" 156.210
also used for Union Gap Police
Right side:  Yakima City Fire
"City Main" 154.310 and
"City Ops"
Additional frequencies may be added during an active incident.

Active and Past Incident Alerts:  About these Alerts
Left side: Upper -Yakima County Sheriff "Eagle" 155.535
also used for Selah PD dispatch.
Upper Yakima County Fire
"County Main" 154.2575
Right side:  Lower Yakima County Fire "Valley Fire" 155.0325
At times State Patrol
Integrating seasonal
DNR and Forest fire channels.
Additional frequencies may be added during an active incident.

(Current Yakima City Fire and Ambulance Calls) .

 Listen to recorded fire dispatches for all Yakima County.

If you missed the original fire call or wonder what the the latest activity of the fire districts you can now listen to archived recordings.
The Lower and Upper Valley Yakima County fire stations are dispatched on two separate frequencies and will be displayed in two lists.

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